Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Tour

I'm on the lookout for tickets for the Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Tour in Tokyo Dome. So far I see that my only chance would be to get a (ridiculously overpriced) ticket from one of the ticket shops in Harajuku, but I'd rather let a fellow fan earn some money rather than let the shops earn it :(

If anyone on my flist has any idea where I can get tickets, do tell me!!! T_T I'm only here for one year so this might very well be my one and only chance in my life.

Thanks in advance :)

[ARASHI] translation master list

angy85 suggested that I put up a list of the translations of Arashi magazine articles that I've done and I think it's a good idea too, since I can keep track of what I've done so far :) If there are any requests do leave a comment, preferably with a download link to the scans just in case I don't have it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Last updated : November 1, 2010

Ninomiya Kazunari interview
One of the most insightful interviews I've read about his role in the movie so far, and one of the most inspiring ones about Nino :) There are not many materials about his role in this movie, so I was really happy to find this little gem in a secondhand bookstore!

Ooku Official Guidebook
Part 1 Part 2
Ninomiya Kazunari x Yoshinaga Fumi talk
A long, long LONG interview in the form of a discussion talk with the original author of Ooku. Something to tide everyone over till the official DVD comes out!!! <3
TV Guide
December 2009
An imaginary Christmas party with the 5 of them! Their memories of Christmas, and somehow, only one of them has a different Christmas song in mind?! As usual, wherever one of them goes, the other would follow! "In that case I’ll be in charge of the decorations. Because I’ll go buy the stuff too." "Ah, in that case I’ll also take the decorating…" No prizes for guessing who these two are!

WITH [Ninomiya Kazunari]
As one of the most talented young actors in the Japanese entertainment field, Nino talks about how he has grown up to be the actor he is today. "I want to be someone who always say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart... But because Arashi is made up of this kind of relationship, I think 'Enough about love for now.' That’s no good huh (laugh)." A deep, insightful interview that shows a rare, contemplative side of the snarky brat that he usually is!

Saita [Ninomiya Kazunari]
An ideal date with Nino at home! Why does he like money this much?! Is he the type who will clean up after eating? What is it with his fascination with people's hands???

Weekly The Television
2009.05-06 Part 1
A quiz on Arashi's memories, and Ohno's underwear color for the day is?

2009.05-06 Part 2
A short talk on the Crazy Moon~Kimi wa Muteki / Ashita no Kioku single, plus their ideal invincible schedules!

May 2009 Part 1
Sakura Sake! Arashi's Rabu-rabu Strategy! A Date with Arashi ♥ Premium Photoshoot

May 2009 Part 2
Ohno : I won't let you go home tonight! Arashi's Original Date Schedules

Where members say something good about the other members, as well as the meaning of songs in their life

Secret of Arashi SPECIAL
Find out which member is most likely to get lonely, and listen to how Sho claims that he's not really THAT intellectual!

0908 Everyday Everything Part 1
Take a peek at Arashi's personal daily schedules, as well as their thoughts about summer

0908 Everyday Everything Part 2
SUMMER DIARY : Arashi's Once Upon A Summer! Arashi members talk in detail about their daily life, as well as what they do on their off-days

0909 Live Story 5 x 10
Arashi members talk about all the concerts they've done so far and tells us what they liked most about the concerts, as well as their feelings towards their 10th Anniversary Tour!

0909 D-1 Grand Prix
Find out which member looks the best in glasses and which member would make the best father!

0909 ARASHI Best Album : All the BEST! 1999-2009 Self Liner Notes
Arashi's memberes look back on their songs from the point of their debut until their latest single! Find out their feelings about their favourite songs, and what each song reminds them of!

0908 Ideal Date Q&A! Let's hold hands~
Find out which Arashi member would not hesitate to feed their girlfriend in a high-class restaurant, and find out which member is embarassed to hold hands with their girlfriend!

A Public Service Announcement

In the spirit of things, I've decided to switch to Wordpress since I feel that LiveJournal doesn't really give me the feeling of wanting to write anything ._. It must be psychological or something, but who knows?

To those who are interested, please link me at

Many thanks =D I will still be keeping this account though, and will be reading and commenting on all of you lovely people's LJs <3

Liek, OMG

Two research papers finally over and done with.

Tests all dealt with.

Presentations all done (badly).


... Aaaaaand the week after the next would be my study week.

Which means AFTER that, are my finals.

Woo-hoo '_'

Oh and I finished Lost season 1 already, so... Moving on to 2nd season now that I'm free =D


First off, a very happy belated birthday to a lot of people...

- forlorn_slayer (yes very belated ._.;;)
- minses
- ithronluin

Hope you guys enjoyed your birthdays <3<3

I have lots of things on my mind lately that I don't even have the time to update my LJ D: (A lame excuse, I know) Assignments to be finished, tests to be studied for, research papers to be written, presentations to be fussed over... You get the drift.

On the other hand, have finally (FINALLY) gotten the chance to watch Lost. Yes, it's late, I know :D But who cares. My brother got the first season from a friend so... Yeah. I'm bringing the DVDs with me to hostel, and God forbid me from abandoning my assignments and tests D:

To Japanese users : I have a Yaplog account now =D Do be gentle with me *cute face*

Japanese blog here, if you're interested

Wish me luck for my upcoming week >o< I'll need it.

Love you all to death <3<3









「Elaine」は、「光」と言う意味だよ ^w^


(Yaplog acting weird so I can't open any pages... Thus the first entry here =w= Sumimasen ne... I'll update it tomorrow XD;)


=D I'm taking an elective course this semester (Korean Culture and Society) and I'm doing a research paper on hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) so I'd really really appreciate it if you guys on my flist can help me out by answering this short questionaire ;w; Thank you in advance!

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The Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

If you’re reading this, then you or someone you know is a Virgo. The sign of Virgo is the symbol of The Virgin and it falls between the dates of August 23 and September 22. If you have ever been acquainted with someone born under this sign, then you probably understand why they are named for The Virgin.

One of the first things you will note about the Virgo is his/her ability to be completely and totally knowledgeable about certain things (usually something that they are particularly good at or interested it) yet completely lacking in the simplest aspects of common sense. Often the Virgo is the one to be extremely book smart, but street dumb as they don’t tend to think in the same way as others. Virgos view the world with a child-like purity, often not realizing when others are being facetious or sarcastic.

Interestingly enough, they are very analytical and practical by nature, yet many times they tend to have tunnel vision, so their true nature may only be apparent to themselves. You might find the Virgo child keeps his/her room in a state of disarray, yet they know where each and every one of their items is kept. A creative Virgo may write stories of great length and imagination or paint works of art that illustrate limitless boundaries, but you can bet that within a Virgo’s brain, there is a specific method to their madness.

This manner of inner logic extends not only to their behavior in daily life, but in relationships as well. You might find that Virgos tend to be either withdrawn and stoical or extroverted and carefree. Their logical nature tends not to leave much room for emotional expression. This being the case, one might judge the Virgo as being aloof or cold. There is nothing farther from the truth. Though they might not express themselves emotionally, they do express themselves in many other ways. They are loyal friends and faithful lovers. They tend to give as much as they have as this is their nature. This often leaves them open for heartbreak and to be taken advantage of. But no matter how often they are hurt, the core of their heart is a bottomless pit of forgiveness.

The Virgo tends to live from their environment. They act as new souls, coming into the world blank slates, ready to be molded and shaped into the person they were meant to be. But take care, a Virgo raised in a dysfunctional home won't know the finer virtues of life. When raising the Virgo, the best thing to remember is that they learn everything that you teach them, regardless of whether you intended to teach it to them or not.

Virgos are innocent by nature. This is important to remember as they may not grasp things as quickly as others, but don't sell them short. Once they get it, they keep it.

All in all, this sensible sign can be misunderstood if you don’t know their true nature, but once you do, you can expect a friend/lover for a lifetime.

So what do you think?