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Post offices are lonely!

Hello nice friendly people on my friends list (and also people who have me on theirs!) :

I've always had Christmas card exchanges but recently I've been more partial towards Japanese New Year postcards (年賀状 nengajou) so I'm sending those out instead! Also, next year will be the year of the rabbit, which is very special for me since I was born in the year of the rabbit as well! <3 There is also the fact that I will be turning 24 come August next year but let's not think of that and enjoy the simple warmth and happiness that is REAL MAIL!!! <3

If you're interested in getting a New Year nengajou from me please leave your mailing address in the comments! All comments will be screened, though if you're feeling nervous about it you are welcome to send me your address in an email to plue_87[at]hotmail.com <3

I am not asking for anything in return but it would be great if you can send me one as well (but of course this is entirely up to you)! I love all sorts of mail! It doesn't only have to be a Christmas or New Year card, it can be ANY card/postcard! Be creative :D Just don't send anything that explodes, no matter how much we all love A no Arashi! <3


I have 2 papers tomorrow and 2 more on Tuesday so I really should be studying but I wanted to get this out first before I forget about it!!!
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