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[translation] WITH 09.09 Ninomiya Kazunari

For angy85 :)
I love this article because I am yet again convinced that he is very different from any other idol out there, just by reading his words. The prettiness of the photoshoot does not hurt too XD

For this translation, the words in red are by the interviewer/magazine, and the words in black are spoken by Nino. I've tried using his colour and it hurts to have so much orange at once hahah! I hope the color scheme is not too confusing even though the red is making me think of Sho-chan.


A Date ♥ In the Room

A life-sized expression is what he shows in a private atmosphere that seems to float in between space.

As a member of Arashi, or even as a single solitary actor, Ninomiya Kazunari, who’s at the peak of popularity, talks frankly about the most important thing to him.

Isn’t it good to just enjoy in your own way?
If it has the feelings of wanting to advance forward, I’ll listen even to complaints

The most important thing is to have fun working

The photoshoot takes place in a setting in which he invites his lover to his room. He behaves in a cool way, with a little bashfulness. From Ninomiya Kazunari, various expressions can be seen peeking out. He has received high praise as an actor, but even in such a place, glimpses of it shows up. With those acting skills, he has also just received the Individual Galaxy award.

"It’s something to be grateful for. It’s just, I also thought, “What’s with that?” It’s like, receiving a prize does not mean you’re great."

It’s exactly because of his cool-headed way of saying that, that his present “greatness” exists. He does not get high spirited at glory. He is not shaken. Even regarding the tremendous popularity of Arashi, he has the same point of view.

"I guess this is about 2~3 years. Hearing voices saying things like “Arashi is in good shape, huh.” But, to us, we always think we’re in a good shape (laugh). It’s because the things that we think are interesting, we create them and work on them in a fun way. That’s why, there’s a mysterious feeling because it seems like it’s being synchronized in the world now. And, even so, we don’t feel like saying, “So, shall we do more things that will be accepted in the world?” Even now, without any changes, we only create things that we enjoy, and what we hold important is the fun in working or just happiness."

There’s nothing that he thinks is miserable (tough) about work. He also says that flatly.

"If we’re talking about it ultimately, with work or anything, I think of myself as the person who created the present situation I am in right now. Of course, in this world, there are cases like in which you apply to enter a company that you wish to, but that’s not like that. However, because it’s the path that you have chosen for yourself, won’t you have fun in your own way? Even I myself, even if I’m busy, I think I’m happy just to be able to work."

I want to live by accepting my partner’s feelings
No matter what, it changes based on how he wants to accepts it. That’s why, he values having positive feelings.

"For example, even when you’re complaining, if the basis for it is filled with positive feelings of wanting to advance forward, then it won’t be a complaint, and the person who is listening to it won’t hate it as well. In actuality, I think that I myself too, became stronger after being able to be grasp various things in an affirmative way. Even things that I don’t like, the things that are far away from me, I accept them honestly. Not accepting them with criticism, but to accept them affirmatively, my own possibilities are widened, and I think it is also connected to self-confidence."

His gentle smile, that seems to accept everything, is born from this wide broad-mindedness.

"At the workplace, the important thing is to accept the other person’s feelings right. What that person wants to do. What they want me to do. Ah, I guess it’s the same in matters of love as well… But because Arashi is made up of this kind of relationship, I think “Enough about love for now.” That’s no good huh (laugh)"

For Nino now, the things that he think are important are?

To strengthen my concentration by treating the time that I return to myself, preciously
"Basically, I’m the type that is fine even without any private time. Because the work I’m doing right now is what I wished for. It’s just that, there are lots of work where there I spend a lot of time waiting, so it’s important to be able to change my feelings accordingly. By doing things that I like, like games or magic, I return to myself, then concentrate again on my work."

Regarding work, I definitely don’t want to let it slip past my hands
"Humans are animals that have the urge to move towards the easy way. Compared to efficiency, jobs that have more benefits are remembered, and it ends up going in that direction. And because of that, we want to continue without forgetting these feelings, of creating something fun without thinking about benefits."

It’s not the form, but saying thank you from the heart that is important
"What I’ve thought along the way after coming in contact with so many different people during work is, manners are important. Even though I say that, it doesn’t mean things like speaking in keigo (formal language) to seniors. Because words with no heart in them have no meaning in them. I want to be someone who always say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart."

I think it’s important that I evaluate my own position
"Work can’t be done if you’re all alone right. It’s something that’s accomplished with everyone’s power. That’s why, I always watch to see which position among them I should be in, and enter places (positions) in which they are lacking. By doing that, providing each other with things that are lacking, I think a good relationship can be created."

For the sake of myself, to not compare myself with others, and to not be swept away
"I think the fact that this group called Arashi has stayed unchanged for all this time is because we don’t compare with anyone. We have never been subservient towards great people that we see, and on the other hand, we haven’t been swept away in that direction as well. Even as an individual, I think, isn’t it the best to just walk the path that you believe in?"

I don't know why, but I love the chain of his necklace that is always peeking out from under the collar of his shirt. He's been having it for quite some time now and I think it's sweet that he (looks like he) has an attachment to it since he wears it in most photoshoots when normally the others would remove their own accessories and wear whatever's given to them... I'm really curious about the pendant on it though! I only know it's silver because I could see it in the episode of Shukudai-kun where he was playing the cushion game (Imoto Ayaka episode)... Aaaaaand I'll stop babbling here.

Scans credit : jesychan
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