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[translation] SAITA 2010.01 Ninomiya Kazunari

It's been a while since my last translation, because everything I want to translate are already done by other fabulous people! Hopefully you'll enjoy reading this even though it's not very long hahah!

Dates are basically…
In the house


Dates are basically…
In the house

The date partner this time around, is Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari!
A situation that makes your heart jump with “The time spent, just the two of us alone at home.”
He faces you with his natural, pure self!

Top : ”I’ll leave the breakfast to her, sleeping in till the last moment (laugh)”
Bottom : ”I won’t think about the next date. Because I want to treat the time we are spending now as precious.”

If she makes breakfast for me, I’ll eat anything happily!
With a “good mornin~g,” Ninomiya enters the studio, with a sleepy expression. After changing into the clothes befitting of his requested home-date situation, he rolls around on the bed used for the photoshoot, looking like he could fall asleep anytime now. Perhaps, he’s the type that’s not good with early mornings?

No, I feel sleepy because I just woke up (laugh). I wake up easily with just one alarm clock, so I don’t think I’m the type that is bad at getting up early in the morning. It’s just, I always wake up and then leave home after 15 minutes of preparations, so I don’t usually eat breakfast…

So, if your girlfriend says that she wants to make breakfast for you?

Well if she wants to make it for me, I’ll gratefully eat anything. If it’s delicious I’ll properly tell her, “It’s delicious.” If it’s not to my liking… In that case I guess I’ll tell her truthfully too. But I’m not particularly fussy with the taste (of food), so I rarely think of anything as bad! With just that, she might be shocked if I told her “It’s bad” (laugh) Also, I’ll be troubled if she asks, “What do you want to eat?” If I answer her with “I’m fine with anything” then it would be troubling for her too huh… But there’s nothing in particular that I feel like eating too… A girl that makes something just like that would be good (laugh). Because I’ve left the cooking to her, I’ll help out properly with the cleaning up.

The natural Ninomiya, who is always unadorned and simple. Even in matters of love, he seems to be the type who does not let go of his own pace.

On days off, most of the time I spend it at home alone playing games or making songs. I think it might not work if she’s not the type to watch over me quietly. But, if she says she wants to go out for a walk, I’ll go out with her anytime! Well, though up till now I haven’t had any experience of that… (laugh)

3 Keywords

Something that interests him

To me, on top of living, this is my motivation. I’m especially interested by 10yen coins and 100yen coins!

I love money (laugh). Something that’s made with a (dissolved) 100yen coin, can you buy it with 100yen? Making something with a 10yen coin, shouldn’t it be more expensive than 10yen? Things like that. I wonder what’s the real value of money… Since I was a child, it has always been a question to me.

Something that he is bad at

More like, I can’t get myself to like it… (laugh). Even overseas it was all-Japanese for me!

Even when I went overseas for 2 months for the shooting of the movie, I did not speak English at all. The conversations with the director were all English for him, and Japanese for me. Even so, when it comes to acting, it comes across really well.

A body part that he likes

Even for magic, making songs, or playing games… it’s the most important.

Especially when I’m doing magic, the moisture (dampness) is important. Ever since I started doing magic seriously, without knowing it my hands have been like it’s especially for a magician’s (laugh). Now, it has come to the point where I can control when I want my palms to sweat.

Credits for scans : jesychan <3
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